Vegan Interior Design Week Showcases Animal-Free & Sustainable Innovation

The world’s first Vegan Interior Design Week virtual event on 1-5 November, 2021 is bringing together industry professionals, PR and marketing experts, and anyone interested in learning more about ethical design excellence.

The free summit features more than 40 speakers from across the globe who will share their knowledge and experience.

Exhibitors include next-gen material developers to conscious furniture suppliers showcasing the latest product and material trends.

VIVAS spoke with organizer Aline Duerr about what to expect.

Why are you running Vegan Interior Design Week?

There are so many vegan food events, there is Vegan Fashion Week but there had never been a Vegan Interior Design Week before so I decided to organise one.

Sustainability issues, animal welfare concerns and growing consumer demand combined with recent technology breakthroughs create the ideal scenario for revolutionizing the interior design industry and the concept goes beyond the usual interior design trends with superior impact and farther reach.

It explores the challenges surrounding climate and ecological change through the lenses of interior design as well as ethics, health, science and technology.

Consumers worldwide are demanding better and more sustainable products and brands and retailers are more eager than ever to meet this demand.

Simultaneously, innovators are working on new technology to serve consumers and brands with improved materials and products.

I want to provide targeted support to everyone in this growing niche and enable worldwide collaboration and networking.

Aline Duerr, organizer of Vegan Interior Design Week. Image: Supplied by VIDW.

It’s both a trade and consumer show. What can each of these groups expect from the event?

Interior designers can learn from other interior designers from all over the world how they design in a vegan and sustainable way.

They will get to know some really innovative suppliers in the virtual exhibition booths and they will also learn how to market themselves, how to communicate their values and how to get PR coverage.

Suppliers will hear from their interior design clients about their challenges, needs and wants to identify opportunities and gaps in the market and will be able to directly communicate with them.

End consumers will learn about what vegan interior design is, why it is important, how to source vegan products and finishes and what other related fields we can draw from to create a balanced, healthy and cruelty-free sanctuary such as biophilia, building biology or the energetics of interior design.

All attendees will have the chance to participate in networking sessions with professionals and ‘everyday people’ from all over the world which is a very essential part of this event bringing together many like-minded people within the industry to grow strong relationships and encourage worldwide cooperation to give vegan interior design a big push and a louder voice.

Why is vegan interior design important? 

MOD Santorini is a vegan boutique hotel in Greece. Image: Supplied by VIDW.

Like with vegan food and fashion, for me personally vegan interior design is all about saving as many animals as possible from unnecessary torture and death.

Vegan interior design is still a widely untouched field.

Generally, vegans naturally stay away from leather and fur. Surprisingly many however buy into very smart marketing campaigns for ‘peace silk’ or ‘zero harm wool’ which are still as cruel as any other animal derived product or material.

Vegan interior design goes much deeper than just these ‘common’ non-vegan materials though.


Animal products are hiding in so many finishes and products at home or in the office and most people would not even know or suspect them there.

Wall paint, towels and plywood are usually the ones that surprise people the most – the majority of these three is not vegan.

So in order to further the vegan movement away from animal cruelty, looking into what we put into our homes and other interiors is a very essential part of it and a field that needs much more attention from everyone, especially vegans who may be unknowingly living in a very non-vegan space.

While vegan interior design used to be about just replacing animal products and materials with vegan ones, there is a new trend which makes many of the vegan alternatives such as the infamous PU leather unacceptable and demands alternatives to also be sustainable.

There is a lot happening in that space right now with many bio-derived leather, silk and wool alternatives being developed and hitting the market.

This is why vegan interior design is not only relevant and important for vegans but everyone.

Vegan Interior Design Week takes place 1-5 November, 2021.

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