Inside of vegan showroom

There’s Now A Vegan Fashion Showroom In Los Angeles

A permanent multi-brand showroom featuring all-vegan designs has opened in Los Angeles.

Vegan Fashion Library is the brainchild of Emmanuelle Rienda, the founder of Vegan Fashion Week.

The concept aims to inspire and support ethical designers by offering a creative answer to the current environmental crisis, proving that cruelty-free is the future of fashion.

The 2,000 square ft. showroom is located in downtown Los Angeles at Grand Lofts close to the Fashion District and provides retailers, stylists and celebrities the opportunity to select unique ethical fashion samples.

According to Rienda, there are currently around 100 pieces from eight curated designers in the showroom and counting. “All of our pieces are curated from leading, innovating designers who use 100% vegan materials,” she says.

Silver vegan leather jacketPieces include gowns from ENKA viscose by Benedetti Life, plant-dyed dresses from ENDA New York, and ethical knitwear from Julien Esteves Berthier.

In addition are pieces crafted from pineapple, cactus, and apple leathers, which includes footwear from Bohema, Sylven New York, Infantium Victoria and Sylth Virago.

Jewelry items from Dezen, which are designed from plant-based, biodegradable materials, plus vegan travel luggage samples from The Sweet TraveLife are also available.

Vegan Fashion Library was created to offer stylish, cruelty-free designer clothing, footwear, and accessories for editorial photoshoots, award shows, and film set wardrobes, as well as to introduce retailers and buyers to the innovative materials now available including vegan wool and vegan silk.

Designers are chosen for their style, ethics, and vegan material innovation. “We require all of the products to be cruelty-free and truly embody an elevated vision for vegan fashion,” says Rienda. “Aesthetic is also a big part of our portfolio – all of our designers are avant-garde in their designs and vision.”

The showroom is implementing Covid-safe procedures and operates on an appointment-only basis, with curbside pick-up and returns.

Online boutique also launched

As well as the B2B showroom, Rienda has also launched an online store for fashion-savvy consumers looking for a globally curated selection of vegan designers.

Emmanuelle Rienda in long black dress
Emmanuelle Rienda, founder of Vegan Fashion Library. Photo by Mila Zvereva, supplied by Vegan Fashion Week.

“The boutique is an extension to improve our designers’ exposure to a larger audience,” says Rienda. “It’s a curated boutique for those who wish to buy elevated vegan fashion.”

Vegan Fashion Library is the latest incarnation to further Rienda’s mission to highlight how animal byproducts are ranked highest among the most unsustainable materials used in fashion.

This is directly linked to climate change, deforestation, and global pandemics, outbreaks of which have been identified on mink fur farms in various countries, including the Netherlands, Spain, and the US.

“A conscious innovative lifestyle is the first step towards a sustainable future and consumers can begin making impactful decisions through ethical fashion choices,” says Rienda.

“We are leading positive change through conscious creativity. Let’s take this opportunity to think about the cause of the pandemic, and see beyond social distancing to create new awareness and change behavior.

“We need to rethink the way we consume, what we consume, and how to sync sustainability with ethics.”

Find out more about Vegan Fashion Library.

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