New Talent Database Launches To Promote Racial Diversity In The Animal Advocacy Movement

It’s no secret that the animal advocacy movement needs more diversity, especially when it comes to leadership roles.

As Christopher ‘Soul’ Eubanks wrote in Sentient Media recently: “After doing animal rights activism for over three years and attending over 100 events, I am used to being the only Black person in the room.”

Encompass, a nonprofit organization that empowers animal advocates who are Black, Indigenous, and/or people of the global majority (BIPGM), aims to change that.

Its latest initiative to cultivate the leadership potential of BIPGM people in the vegan and animal advocacy movements is a new talent database to create connections with recruiters and others seeking to hire.

Those from BIPGM communities can create a profile listing their skills and the types of opportunities they’re looking for.

This includes paid staff positions, board openings, consulting gigs, volunteer positions and more.

Recruiters, event planners, media outlets and organizations looking for talent can search the database for relevant matches.

According to a 2017 internal analysis by Encompass, people of color currently make up 40% of the US population and it’s estimated that people of color will become the majority of the US population by 2044.

Despite this, they make up less than 11% of staff and only 8% of leaders at the top 20 US farmed animal protection organizations.

“We need BIPGM advocates at all levels of our organizations, specifically in the leadership roles,” says Aryenish Birdie, founder and executive director of Encompass.

“We believe that prioritizing organizational culture change—with the support of a racial equity consultant—is the most important first step in addressing pipeline challenges. However, we recognize that progress isn’t linear and so we created another avenue and opportunity for change.”

BIPGM talent, and recruiters can access the Encompass Talent Database here.

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