Masterclass: Why You Should Be Going Live, And How To Do It With Impact

Australia – 23 February, 8am AEST
US & UK – 22 February 4pm EST/1pm PST/9pm BST
WHERE: Online

Going live on social media scares a lot of people, but it can be such a powerful tool for your business and influence that it’s a fear well worth overcoming.

This communication tool can help you differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace — and once you get used to it, you’ll find it isn’t really as intimidating as you first thought!

Join Stephanie Redcross West, renowned marketing expert and founder of Vegan Mainstream, for this power-packed presentation where you’ll learn:

  • • What Going Live can do for your vegan business and your influence
    • How to get started on a shoestring budget
    • Powerful Live formats to consider to get the most bang for your buck
    • 3 quick tips to help you succeed as you get started
    • Why follow-up is so important, and how to do it right


With 15 years of small business and Fortune 500 marketing experience under her belt, in 2009 Stephanie Redcross West began blazing her trail as a leader in the vegan business world.

Since then she has been working hard at not only building Vegan Mainstream into the invaluable resource it has become for vegan entrepreneurs and business owners, but also collaborating with other key organizations in the vegan movement, speaking at events, writing articles and columns for a variety of vegan magazines and participating in vegan business forums.

Most recently Stephanie has been using her experience with online course development to create new and innovative ways to meet the shifting and expanding needs of the vegan business community, including on-demand courses and a business support group.

Stephanie has also been exploring the world of podcasting, always enjoying the challenge of finding new ways to help vegans make their businesses more impactful via digital platforms.


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