Masterclass: Instagram Vs LinkedIn – Should You Embrace Your ‘Professional’ or ‘Social’ Inner-Vegan?

WHEN: Australia – 9 February, 8am AEST
US & UK – 8 February 4pm EST/1pm PST/9pm BST
WHERE: Online

Instagram and LinkedIn are the two most misunderstood (and often misused!) platforms for business, particularly entrepreneurs.

Both can give you huge reach to what have been traditionally two very different audiences, but as the line between ‘social’ and ‘business’ media becomes more blurred every day: Should you be embracing your professional or social inner-vegan?

Should you do Instagram, LinkedIn or both?

Lisa Fox (no relation to Katrina!), the founder of Vegan Business Tribe, whose mission is to help people create successful vegan businesses that help us all move towards a vegan world, has found success through using both these seemingly conflicting platforms.

In this training, Lisa will look at how you can leverage both Instagram and LinkedIn in very different ways, how to decide which is right for your business, and why, if you have ruled-out using either of them, you should perhaps think again.

Lisa will also share her own journey of having to re-invent herself on Instagram and LinkedIn, after her and her partner David decided to launch a vegan business having already built very successful online followings in a very different marketplace.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

• Why you need to first understand your customers before deciding which channels to talk to them on.
• Why your strategies for Instagram and LinkedIn should not be mutually exclusive – but why you also need to know which one to use when.
• How you can embrace your veganism on LinkedIn to open professional doors that might have otherwise remained closed, even if you don’t work in a vegan business.
• Why most people get stuck at a few hundred followers and connections, and how to move beyond that.|
• Some pro tips and tools to make your scheduling, posting and planning so much easier.


Lisa created Vegan Business Tribe with her co-founder David to support vegan entrepreneurs with their small vegan businesses – to inspire, provide knowledge from vegan business experts, enable them to be remarkable and successful, and create a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Through VBT Lisa and David give vegan entrepreneurs the benefit of the knowledge they have gained working for large brands and businesses.

She and David also run vegan agency Promote Vegan, working with high street brands and food manufacturers to help them better understand the vegan marketplace, alongside being the official UK agents for The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark.

Writing the monthly vegan business column for the UK’s biggest vegan magazine ‘Vegan Food & Living’ allows Lisa to enable smaller vegan businesses to gain recognition for the amazing work they do, as well as inspire readers to start their own vegan companies.

Her background is over 17 years’ experience in marketing and she is proud to apply her knowledge to vegan businesses to help them become successful.

Lisa is passionately vegan. This is a major part of who she is as a person, and it’s her dedication to the vegan cause that fuels her commitment to ensuring your vegan business, brand or product is a success.


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