Vegan Interior Design Week Showcases Animal-Free & Sustainable Innovation

The world’s first Vegan Interior Design Week virtual event on 1-5 November, 2021 is bringing together industry professionals, PR and ...
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Why Fast Fashion is Anti-Feminist

Despite the many feminist slogan t-shirts you can buy in stores, the fashion industry is far from championing the rights ...
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Top 10 Books By Vegan Women Leaders in 2020

Despite the challenges of the past year, these female vegan authors have put out some excellent reads. Voices for Animal ...
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Natalie Portman Brings a Compassionate, Feminist Message to Classic Fables

Natalie Portman is not just an A-list actress, she’s an outspoken advocate for human and animal rights, the Democratic party, ...
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Watch This Vegan, Feminist Ballet Performance of Carmen By A 65-Year-Old Woman

At midnight a week ago Tracie O’Keefe was at Central Station in Sydney to record her performance of a section ...
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