Kamala Harris Reportedly ‘Dabbling In Veganism’: JIVINITI Women’s #Plantpoweredkamala Campaign Appears To Be Working

US Vice-President Kamala Harris seems to have heard the message of the JIVINITI women’s coalition, which earlier this year called on her to spearhead a transition to a plant-based economy via an open letter to the Biden-Harris administration and go vegan herself.

The campaign quickly gained momentum and received support from Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

While not responding formally to the requests made by the #plantpoweredkamala petition, Harris visited vegan taco restaurant Tacotarian in Las Vegas this week and reportedly told the owners she was “dabbling in veganism”.

According to the Vegans Baby blog which is a hub of all things vegan in Las Vegas, Harris stopped off with her motorcade, police and staff, with no prior notice, at the eatery while on a cross-country tour to raise awareness of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan.

Harris told staff she was there after vegan Senator Cory Booker recommended the restaurant, and said she wasn’t eating meat until after 6pm.

Nivi Jaswal, founder of the Virsa Foundation and the JIVINITI women’s coalition, said she was “excited” by the news that Harris had taken a step towards exploring plant-based eating and veganism.

“Although we have not yet formally heard back about our open letter to the Biden-Harris administration and the #plantpoweredkamala petition inviting Vice President Harris to go vegan, we are nevertheless encouraged that our efforts have not been in vain and that our message is indeed resonating with our national leader,” said Jaswal who urged Harris to go further.

“By transitioning her diet more and more towards veganism, Vice President Harris has the ability to send out a clear message to all other national and international leaders around the world that time has come to get serious about combating the global epidemics of chronic illness and preventing future pandemics by actively reevaluating and sorting out our currently abnormal relationship with animals.”

Systemic racism, climate change, nutrition insecurity and providing relief to, especially, women impacted by the pandemic need to be the top priorities for the Biden-Harris administration, Jaswal added.

“Vice President Harris’s brief visit to Tacotarian is symbolic of the much larger sweeping nationwide change that is already afoot with more and more Americans, especially those of color, choosing plants for their very next meal.”

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Image: Instagram / @tacotarianlv

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