From 10K to 10 Million Black Vegan Women: Tracye McQuirter Is Spearheading a Revolution

Last year, US public health nutritionist Tracye McQuirter got more than 15,000 black women to go vegan, as part of her 10,000 Black Vegan Women initiative.

Now she’s upped her mission to get 1 million black women a year for 10 years to switch to plant-based eating.

10 Million Black Vegan Women is a McQuirter’s signature program that includes a free 21-Day Vegan Fresh Start featuring online cooking classes, meal plans and prep guides, vegan recipes, grocery shopping lists, nutrition tips, expert guidance, and more, all with a community of black women going vegan together.

In what has the potential to be a revolutionary public health intervention, the initiative also includes a 6-Week Vegan Transition course and an ongoing Group Coaching program, to help black women maintain their vegan lifestyles with ease and support.

“Black women experience the highest rates of chronic diseases, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer, but most of these illnesses can be prevented and often reversed by eating healthy plant-based foods,” says McQuirter. “We’ve seen the devastating impact these pre-existing conditions can have, especially during the pandemic. The 10 Million Black Vegan Women Movement gives black women the tools we need to take back control of our health.”

McQuirter – bestselling author of Ageless Vegan and By Any Greens Necessary – surveyed more than 600 participants from her 10,000 Black Vegan Women program and found the following:

• 82% completed the entire 21-Day Vegan Fresh Start
• 80% ate 80-100% of their meals completely vegan
• 68% lost weight
• 67% improved their general health
• 61% ate more vegetables
• 52% had more energy
• 46% enjoyed cooking more
• 37% lowered their blood pressure
• 36% gained mental clarity
• 33% participated in the free fitness classes
• 23% lowered their cholesterol

“The evidence is clear that now is the time to accelerate the sweeping changes needed to address the crisis in black women’s health,” says McQuirter, who’s been helping people go vegan for more than 30 years. “Now is the time for the 10 Million Black Vegan Women Movement.”


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