Featured Member: Maya Cohen-Ronen, fiction author

What kind of work do you do/business do you run?

I am a business analyst, but my passion and my true sense of accomplishment and joy come from being a published novelist of vegan fiction books.

The Liberation Trilogy (made of ‘The Shed’, ‘Liberation’ and ‘It Was in Our Hands’) written under my pen name M. C Ronen, are deliberately vegan/animal rights fiction dystopia/suspense books for vegans and pre-vegans.

What do you love about it?

The books are an extension of my animal rights activism. They serve as an outreach mechanism.

It gives me endless pleasure and a real sense of achievement to hear back from readers who were impacted by the powerful story and decided to re-think their daily choices and become vegan.

What’s your ‘why’ in life? What drives you?

Two things drive me. The first is my goal to fight for and hopefully achieve animal liberation within my lifetime. I honestly believe I was put on this earth for this sole purpose.

The second are my children. Seeing them grow up into happy, compassionate and confident members of society, empowered with knowledge and surrounded by love.

Why are you a member of VIVAS?

I joined due to my wish to extend and expand the circle of high-calibre vegan women I am acquainted with. I want to be further inspired and motivated by them.

What’s been the biggest highlight or ‘wow’ moment of your career/business/professional life?

Having published my first book ‘The Shed’ in 2018, after a couple of years of struggling to figure out the publishing world that was so foreign to me, was an immense highlight.

Receiving the great feedback that it had, has filled me with utter sense of accomplishment and motivated me to keep writing.

How do you handle failures, fear and disappointment?

I am rather resilient to disappointments. I would always remind myself to see things in proportion and focus on the next move.

I am quite the fatalist; I believe that the things that need to happen will eventually happen. That doesn’t mean I don’t help them to happen, but some successes take longer to reach.

The fears that I find difficult to handle are those involving my beloved ones’ health and wellbeing. I would easily lose sleep over that.

A walk outside in the open air, immersed in nature with my dogs, would often help me calm and refocus.

What would you tell your 16-year-old self?

On one hand, with the information I have now, it would be tempting to tell the 16-year-old me to do things differently, such as ‘go vegan earlier!’.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t want to affect or change the course of my life as it happened.

Whatever there was, the successes and the heartaches, the defeats and the triumphs – they were all there for a reason, and they all got me to where I am today, with the people I love, and the friends I cherish.

So, all I would say to my younger version would be a very comforting ‘It’s going to be all right!’

Which women inspire you and why?

My fellow vegan, animal rights activists inspire me no end. They are strong and determined women of all ages, nationalities, ethnicities, skin-colours, socio-economic statuses, and sexual orientations, who are filled with compassion and a heightened sense of social justice.

What’s been the biggest obstacle you’ve faced and how has it helped mould who you are now?

There were plenty of obstacles along the way. Rejections, heartaches, pushbacks. I can’t pick just one and claim it to be the biggest, as all of them impacted me in some way.

It made me determined to walk the path I chose with my head held high, to believe in myself no matter what, and to surround myself with good and compassionate people.

What’s your super-power? What are you amazing at?

I think I have a tendency to spread a sense of reassurance around me. I am an excellent listener and a good friend. I’m determined to a fault.

My mum used to say that if I wanted to get somewhere and there was a wall in my way, I’d go through the wall.

What brings you joy?

My family, human and non-human.

How do you define success, and how will you know when you’ve achieved it?

I already feel successful by the fact that I am happy, I live in a place I love, surrounded by the people I love, my books were published and are doing well, and I work in a nicely rewarding job.

But of course, there are always ways to improve. There are always further goals to reach. Get more readers. Sign a movie deal. Write and publish more books. Earn more so I can rescue more animals. Retire and be master of my own time… the list goes on.

What’s your vision for yourself and your business/career for the future?

I would like to turn The Liberation Trilogy into a series of movies or TV series.

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