General FAQs

What is VIVAS (formerly Vegan Women’s Leadership Network)?

VIVAS is a global ethical leadership community and content hub for vegan women committed to lifting each other up.

It was founded in March 2020 and launched three months later by Katrina Fox and is a division of O’Keefe & Fox Industries Pty Ltd, a private limited company based in Australia.

What are the benefits of joining?

Lots! Inspiration, practical support, resources and networking to help you become a leader in your field. Find out more here.

Who can join?

We’re an inclusive network so if you feel you fit the bill and support the aims of the VIVAS, you’re welcome to join us.

We’ve already been blessed with a diverse range of women having already joined this brand new network, including those in corporate, HR, finance, investment, law, biotech, entertainment, health, wellness, NGOs, politics, media, as well as entrepreneurs, business owners and more. And they’re from across the globe including the US, UK, Asia, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Why ‘vegan’?

We love the word ‘vegan’ and all that it stands for: A kinder world where animals are no longer exploited, harmed or commodified, which is good for people, animals and planet. If you prefer to call yourself plant-based or plant-powered or anything else, that’s cool, but we are proudly vegan and our aim is to help vegan women become leaders in their fields. And let’s face it, you can do that whether you’re powered by plants, or vegan chocolate! 😀

So, it’s for those who are living a vegan lifestyle and are passionate about bringing the philosophy into your professional life, regardless of the words you use to define yourself.

Why isn’t it free?

This particular membership community is for those willing and able to invest in themselves to become amazing ethical leaders and to allow the community to grow and – importantly – to be sustainable.

While you can sign up for our free newsletter for announcements and access to some of our content and events, you’ll get the most benefits from becoming a Premium Member. We have both annual and monthly payment options which work out at less than $4 USD a week.

As we grow, with your support, we’ll be able to give back and support various charities and non-profits committed to making the world a kinder place.

How can I partner with VIVAS?

We love collaborations and win-win scenarios so if you feel we can achieve this, find out more on our Partnerships page here.

How can I promote myself to the VIVAS network?

The best way is to become a member. You’ll get the opportunity to be showcased as a Featured Member on our public website and social media channels in a Q&A written interview. You can also pen a thought leadership article or articles.

You can also consider partnering with us if it’s a mutual fit.

How do I go about approaching you to speak at or present a live, virtual training for the network?

We’re really keen to provide outstanding training and resources for our members, in the fields of personal and professional development and leadership. If you’re an experienced trainer/presenter and can offer amazing value to our members, please get in touch.

Membership FAQs

Can I access your events and trainings if I’m not a Premium Member?

Some of our events and trainings may be available to you by an individual investment for that session. The best value definitely comes from becoming a Premium Member though, as you get free access to our live online masterclasses and the ability to watch the recordings whenever you want to during the course of your membership.

What if I can’t attend an event?

Sorry you can’t make it. You can transfer your ticket to another person – just let us know. All event bookings are non-refundable and cannot be credited towards another event or product.

Can I pay to attend a member-only event or virtual networking meetup?

The only way to attend a member-only event or virtual meetup is to become a Premium Member. These events are our way of appreciating members for their support of the network.

How much is it to become a Premium Member?

We have 2 options: A monthly subscription or an annual subscription. The monthly recurring subscription is $15 USD a month and the annual is $99 USD (a huge saving, giving you 6 free months with the annual).

You can cancel at anytime if it’s not right for you but there are no refunds (so if you are on the annual plan and cancel, your membership will continue until the end of your 12 months).

Where can I get a tax invoice receipt for my membership payments?

Easy! Just log into the membership portal and you’ll find them there to download.

What happens if I forget my login details?

Click the ‘forgot’ password link to be sent a link to reset it. If you’re still having trouble after that, email us at support [at] veganwomensleadershipnetwork [dotcom].

How do I update my address, contact information, credit card details etc?

You can do all this from inside the membership portal under the My Account section.

How do I update my profile?

You can add your photo, job title, work description under the ‘My Profile’ section which is under the My Account section in the members’ portal.

I don’t see my question here in these FAQs: How can I get an answer to my query?

No problem! Email us at support [at] veganwomensleadershipnetwork [dotcom]

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