001: Lynda Stoner on quitting acting at the height of her fame to do animal activism

In this episode of Conversations with Vegan Women Leaders podcast, we interview Lynda Stoner.

During the 1970s and 1980s Lynda Stoner was at the height of her fame as an actor in Australia, doing theatre, musicals and starring in popular TV shows including Young Doctors, Cop Shop. The Flying Doctors and Prisoner (also known as Prisoner: Cell Block H).

She retired from the media spotlight and the entertainment industry to focus on animal activism and has been an animal activist for nearly 50 years.

She has been involved in countless sit-ins, rescues and exposes into the cruelty of battery hen facilities, broiler sheds, and pig factories.

Lynda is based in Sydney, where she’s currently the CEO of Animal Liberation, a Director of Animals Australia and the author of the popular cookbook Now Vegan! which has been reprinted four times.

In this conversation, Lynda talks about:

• How she handled being a big celebrity despite not enjoying the media spotlight

• Why she gave up acting at the height of her fame to become an animal activist

• How she used her acting skills to go undercover and expose the practice of ‘pig dogging’

• How she stays motivated and takes care of her mental health

• How she overcame ‘Imposter Syndrome’ when she was asked to take up the position of CEO at Animal Liberation

• Finding love again with the man she broke off her engagement with 40 years ago and how the relationship is different this time around

• How she turned a major injury into a positive

• And more

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