Criteria for guests & how to pitch for Conversations with Vegan Women Leaders

If you’re interested in being a guest on the Conversations with Vegan Women Leaders podcast, or you’re a PR rep wanting to pitch a guest, please read the following carefully:


Conversations with Vegan Women Leaders features real, honest conversations with vegan women leaders who are prepared to talk about the tough times and adversity they’ve experienced and how they’ve handled these.

Think of it as a cross between Oprah’s ‘Super Soul Sunday’, Brene Brown’s ‘Unlocking Us’ and Jay Shetty’s ‘On Purpose’ podcasts. 

The aim of each episode is to inspire and uplift listeners/viewers so they are encouraged to become better leaders in their own fields – whether that’s in business, at work, in their advocacy or their local communities. 

The introduction can include anything you’d like to promote such a book or other creative project, your business or work, your organisation/NGO, your advocacy group etc, and at the end we’ll direct people to where they can find you online and all this will be included on the shownotes page.

The conversation itself, however, is more personal. It’s about you, your trials and tribulations, experiences, stories, anecdotes, tools/resources you’ve used to become the best version of yourself and what you’ve learned that you’d like to share with other vegan women leaders.

The show, which kicked off in September 2020, is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher Radio, iHeart Radio, Tunein, and many other platforms including popular podcast apps, as well as on the veganwomensleadershipnetwork.com website.

It features interviews with vegan women leaders from all walks of life from across the globe who have an inspiring, uplifting story about themselves and their life’s journey to date.

The audience for the show is global. The majority of listeners are based in the US, followed by the UK, Australia and Canada.

You can watch and listen to episodes here.

As of January 2021, interviews are LIVESTREAMED with video using Streamyard to various social media channels and run for around 30-40 mins. The audio is uploaded to all the major podcast platforms.


– Guest must be vegan (not just eat plant-based or follow a plant-based lifestyle or be ‘mostly’ vegan).

– Guest needs to have an interesting story/journey to share and be willing to go past surface-type discussions to have a deep, authentic, honest conversation.

– While I will mention the guest’s business or nonprofit, creative project etc, the focus of the interview is on the guest’s story, trials and tribulations, how you overcame your challenges, and insights and what you learned that will help other vegan women leaders.

****Important: Please note that as of January 2021, since this is a live video broadcast, there is no editing. Please do not request any edits or removal of the broadcast. By participating in the show, you (and your client) agree to this.


Send me a brief email to katrina [at] veganwomensleadershipnetwork [dotcom] with the following:

– Your or your client’s name and name of their company/brand/nonprofit (if applicable)

– Where you or the client is based (city, state, country)

– How long the business/nonprofit etc has been running and operating (if applicable)

– What type of business/nonprofit it is (if applicable)

– A paragraph about you or your client – include any unique and interesting aspects about you/them and your/their story

– A couple of potential talking points ie what you or the client can share that will help other vegan women leaders

– Links to your or the client’s website and social media profiles

– Headshot photo of you or the client/interviewee

– Your contact details: Phone and email


I try to get back to suitable and applicable queries within 7 days. If you haven’t heard back from me within that time, you’re welcome to send a follow-up email. If you don’t hear back after that, it’s likely your pitch was unsuccessful.

Thank you for your interest in the show!

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