Contributor Guidelines

IMPORTANT: The below guidelines are for those who have been accepted as a contributor. If you have not yet applied to be a contributor, you can do so here).

VIVAS (formerly Vegan Women’s Leadership Network) is a global ethical leadership community helping vegan women become leaders in their work and their life.

We define ‘leader’ broadly as anyone who is taking steps, large or small, to create a kinder world for all.

Our aim is to celebrate, inspire, educate and empower vegan women to continue to make a positive difference in the world, while living their best lives.


Our audience is vegan, plant-based, plant-powered women aged 25-65 who come from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Our audience and members include vegan and plant-based business owners, authors, coaches, consultants, authors and other creatives, academics, investors, venture capitalists, teachers, corporate employees, founders or staff at non-profits, journalists, actors, scientists and more.


We produce:

• News
• Feature articles
• Opinion pieces
• Profiles of and interviews with vegan women leaders

Current content categories are:

• News
• Business
• Leadership
• Mind, Body, Spirit (includes health, beauty, fashion)
• Life (TV, film, books, entertainment)


High-quality, ‘no fluff’, ORIGINAL content (must not have been published elsewhere – but you can repost it 48 hours after it has appeared on the VIVAS website)

We’re looking for engaging, interesting, valuable content that educates, inspires, sparks curiosity, empowers and celebrates. We focus on the positive – while we don’t necessarily shy away from difficult stories, the aim is to offer solutions and empowerment.

Interviews/profiles: These can be in written Q&A format, or as a profile, interspersed with quotes from the interviewee. What are they doing that’s incredible/important/interesting? What makes the person tick? What are some things most people don’t know about the person? What challenges have they had and how did they overcome them? How their work impacts the world.

News: News reporting of stories that’s of interest to vegan women. Straight reporting of facts, interspersed with quotes if relevant.

Correctly attribute any references to data, research or third-party content and include URL links in your copy wherever possible

No self-promotion in the article itself (this goes in your bio)

Ensure the piece is as error-free as possible, including spelling and typos. Aim for US spelling wherever possible but your piece will be checked before publication.

Minimum of 500 words (this is applicable mostly to news – features are typically 800-1200 words)

Use subheads to break up the text

Use plenty of paragraph breaks – as a rule, typically one idea per paragraph)


**Use Word (NOT Google Docs or anything else, just Word).

Do NOT use any tabs, lines, indents or strange spacing.

Use a simple font like Times or Arial and in black and single-line spacing.

Include a suggested headline and introduction in line with our style and tone. Make it engaging to pique curiosity.

When referring to a person for the first time, use their full name eg Josephine Bloggs. When referring to them after that, use their surname only eg Bloggs said ….

Use double quote marks for direct quotes from a person eg: “Veganism is wonderful,” says Josephine Bloggs.

Use single quote marks around a specific word that needs highlighting eg The term ‘vegan’ has been in use for decades.


If you have any images to accompany your piece, you must have the rights to use them and state this at the bottom of your article. If you choose any pics from free image sites, please add this to the bottom of your article with a link to the site and the image.

Images to be no smaller than 800 dpi wide (or include source link)

If you include images that you have the right to use, label them clearly and state the name of the image and description, photographer credit if required at the bottom of your article


Include your bio (maximum 100 words). You only need to do this the first time you submit your piece.

Include your website URL in your bio if you have one. You only need to do this the first time you submit your piece.

Include links to any of your social media (one link per channel eg one FB page, one Twitter, one IG, one LinkedIn, one YouTube etc). You only need to do this the first time you submit your piece.

Include a headshot photo of you as an attachment. You only need to do this the first time you submit your piece.

Your bio and links and pic will appear at the bottom of every article that is published on the site. If you become a regular contributor, you will appear on the Contributors Team page on the site.


You retain the copyright to your work; however we request that you don’t republish it elsewhere until after 48 hours of its publication on VIVAS.

You are of course welcome to share the URL of article on the VIVAS site on your social media, email or anywhere else.

The VIVAS team reserves the right to reject any articles that do not meet our standard of publication.

We also reserve the right to edit your piece so that it fits in line with our style (any major, substantial edits will usually be run past you).


**Please use SLACK for all pitches, questions, and submissions.

You have your own private contributor channel on Slack, so only you and the VWLN team can see those communications.

When pitching an idea for a story:

Include your IDEA (not full article), with the following:

• The crux of your idea
• 2-3 bullet points of what you’ll cover/include
• Why it’s relevant to and will engage our audience


Once your pitch has been accepted (or if you’re provided with a brief for an article and you agree to write it):

***Upload your article as a Word document to SLACK in your VIVAS contributor channel.

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