Beyond Animal Is Launching A Fintech Platform To Connect Investors And Vegan Business Owners

One of the major challenges for vegan business owners is raising capital to grow and scale. Entrepreneurs are constantly seeking out investors.

And while you can reach out directly to investors, you may not get a reply as they are typically inundated with requests and it can be hit and miss to find the right match.

Beyond Animal is creating a solution by building an online platform where vegan business owners and interested investors can come together to be matched and go through the deal-making process, all in the one place.

Founded by finance industry veteran Claire Smith (who launched the world’s first climate-conscious and vegan-friendly stock index and exchange traded fund), and cryptocurrency expert Dhanesh Kothari, Beyond Animal aims to be a one-stop-shop to accelerate the growth of the vegan economy.

New conference tool

Another aspect of the fintech platform is Beyond Animal’s dedicated conference tool, which will allow for virtual booths, live and pre-recorded presentations, networking, ticketing, and more.

Claire Smith, co-founder, Beyond Animal.

The organization has partnered with ProVeg International to co-produce the first conference inside the Beyond Animal platform: New Food Invest on 18 March, 2021. As well as a full-day summit, investors and business owners will be able to connect in a dedicated ‘deal-making room’ online.

“At each stage of a company’s life it will have different funding requirements and need to access different types of investors,” says Smith. “Beyond Animal allows companies to be connected to the right investors at the right time, and resolve financing needs across the broad spectrum, not just equity.”

Input sought from vegan business owners and investors

If you’re an investor looking for vegan businesses to invest in, fill out this expression of interest form.

If you’re a vegan entrepreneur seeking investment, fill out this form.

The fintech platform is expected to roll out in the next few weeks.

For more information, visit Beyond Animal.

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