Formerly called the Vegan Women’s Leadership Network, we launched in July 2020 as a membership-based global ethical leadership community and content hub for vegan women committed to lifting each other up, having each other’s backs, collaborating and learning from each other.

As of July 2021, we became VIVAS which more accurately reflects the vitality, energy and values of the brand.

What does VIVAS mean?

VIVAS is a unique, created word that stands for ‘Vegan Divas’.

The word ‘diva’ has been twisted to mean something negative, so we’re reclaiming it! Diva in Latin means ‘goddess’. It also means a woman who ‘believes she is special and important’. Well, hell yeah, we’ll have some of that! 😊

Why do we exist?

We believe that now, more than ever, we need ethical leaders who champion vegan and plant-based living that’s good for people, animals and planet. It’s clear that we can’t go on the way we have been.

And we sure as heck need more smart, capable, passionate, compassionate, self-developed, empowered females doing this!

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Our mission

Our mission is to help vegan, plant-based, plant-powered women become better leaders – in your professional field, advocacy and life, and to provide a space where you can be supported and uplifted in your endeavors.

We provide community, connection and collaboration through regular virtual networking meetups and events.

We provide resources in personal development, leadership and practical trainings, including marketing, PR, personal branding and more.

We provide inspiration and empowerment by sharing vegan women’s stories from across the globe, along with relevant news and other media content.

Our values and vibe

At VIVAS we’re about compassion, empowerment, boldness, vitality, courage, tenacity, resilience, sparkle, joy and celebration.

These are reflected in our logo which also features a red lotus flower. Lotus flowers grow in mud yet bloom anyway – a beautiful metaphor for our growth and rising through our challenges and adversity. The red lotus in particular symbolizes passion, love, and compassion. The colour red also connotes boldness and vitality.

Who is VIVAS for and how do you define ‘leader’?

A Viva is a female-identifying vegan who is doing their part to create positive change in the world for animals, people and planet.

You may do this through your work, side hustle, volunteering or community.

That makes you a leader.

Younger and older woman at a computer

Our community comprises vegan, plant-based, plant-powered women who come from all walks of life including:

• Entrepreneurs and business owners
• Corporate executives and employees
• NGO or nonprofit founders and employees
• Creatives
• Influencers
• Community Advocates
• Political figures
• Academics
• Investors and venture capitalists

They work in a diverse range of areas including sports, entertainment, education, fashion, beauty, health, technology, food, and many other sectors.

Or, they aspire to do any of the above and…

Are committed to:

• Becoming ethical leaders in their field (including developing skills for self-leadership)
• Becoming the best version of themselves and lifting others up to be the same
• Getting their drama fix from Netflix, Hulu etc rather than causing it in real life


Having fun and embracing their unique sense of style, self and quirkiness (glitter and mirror balls anyone?? 😊)

Where are members located?

We currently have members from across the globe including the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, France, Finland, Spain, Japan, Singapore, Panama, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Poland, Hong Kong and more. 

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