032: Sarah El Ebiary On Growing the Vegan Muslim Community in Egypt & Beyond

In this episode we interview Sarah El Ebiary, an African American entertainment IP attorney who helped to create the Vegan Muslim Community Facebook group and the Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Egypt, which help guide thousands of members worldwide to live a healthier plant-based lifestyle.

Sarah is currently working as the founder of New World Entrepreneur & Entertainment Law, a virtual nonprofit law firm that provides affordable flat-rate services to green businesses, nonprofits, startups, entrepreneurs, and the creative community.

She’s also a yoga and meditation teacher, vegan chef and cooking instructor, and standup paddle board instructor.

In this interview, Sarah talks about:

• Being the only vegan in her family and how she handles it in a culture where sharing food is revered

• Her thoughts on Islam and veganism

• How she’s connected thousands of Muslims from across the globe, despite the dangers

• The growth of veganism in Egypt and in Muslim communities worldwide

• The challenges faced by vegan Muslims, from within their own communities and due to prejudice within vegan communities

• And more

Visit the Vegan Muslim Community group on Facebook

Visit the Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Egypt group on Facebook


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