026: Catherine Kelaher On Liberating Hens & How Losing Her Mother & Sister Motivate Her To Prevent Suffering In The World

In this episode of Conversations with Vegan Women Leaders we interview Catherine Kelaher, the founder of NSW Hen Rescue, a charity that liberates, rehabilitates, and rehomes hens and other animals from factory farms in Australia.

Catherine was born and raised in England and studied English literature and creative writing at university.

She moved to Sydney in 2006 and has been rescuing animals ever since.

Catherine is also an author. She’s written 2 books; Amanda the Teen Activist, and her most recent title Saving Animals – A Future Activist’s Guide.

In this interview, Catherine talks about:

• How a visit to a battery hen facility led her to start NSW Hen Rescue in 2010

• The challenges of running a volunteer-based rescue while working part-time jobs and doing it all in rented accommodation with constant eviction notices

• Learning to embrace a new opportunity for the rescue’s current home after a crowdfunding campaign didn’t go quite as planned

• How caring for her mother through her terminal cancer in 2011 and the death of her sister last year from Covid-19 motivates her to work even harder to prevent suffering in the world

• Why she loves writing so much and what it gives her

• And more

Visit the NSW Hen Rescue website

Find out more about the Project Hen Haven crowdfunder

Check out Catherine’s books Amanda the Teen Activist and Saving Animals – A Future Activist’s Guide


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