025: Kimberly Renee On Being A Content Entrepreneur & Launching A National Covid-19 Hunger Relief Program

In this episode of Conversations with Vegan Women Leaders, we speak with Kimberly Renee, a self-taught private chef in Atlanta, Georgia, and the founder of Might Be Vegan, a plant-based media and marketing consultancy designed to help people live a more healthful life by eating more plants.

Before launching Might Be Vegan in 2018, Kimberly was the CEO of ContentPark, a tech-driven content development agency that worked with major brands, including Macy’s, AT&T, and Southern Company.

Passionate about health and veganism, especially for BIPOC communities, among her many initiatives, Kimberly created the award-winning national COVID-19 hunger relief program, Food Love by Might Be Vegan, which provides families in need with nutritious, plant-based food at no cost to them.

In this interview Kimberly talks about:

• Why she’s a wannabe hacker (for good)

• How she combined her love of data and creativity to carve out a career in content creation

• Why she called her brand ‘Might Be Vegan’

• The need for brands to implement policies to remove bias towards people of colour and not just pay lip service to diversity

• How and why she started Food Love to help marginalised families in need

• What food apartheid is and why we need to use this term instead of ‘food deserts’

• And more

Visit the Might Be Vegan website

Find out more about Food Love by Might Be Vegan

Check out Kimberly Renee’s Creator Club for Content Entrepreneurs



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