018: Jasmin Singer On Body Positivity, Inclusive Beauty & Learning Self-Acceptance

In this episode of Conversations with Vegan Women Leaders, we interview Jasmin Singer, a writer and speaker on topics including radical body positivity, personal narrative as a means of social justice, and how to change the world for animals.

Currently based in New York, she is the author of The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan and Always Too Much and Never Enough: A Memoir.

Along with animal law professor Mariann Sullivan, Jasmin is also the co-host of the long-running Our Hen House podcast, an award-winning show that centers around animal rights.

A longtime activist across many realms including animal activism, LGBTIQ activism, and antiracism, Jasmin is the former Senior Editor for VegNews Magazine and the longtime love columnist and celebrity interviewer.

Jasmin presented the TedX talk “Compassion Unlocks Identity” and is head of editorial at vegan subscription cosmetics company Kinder Beauty, founded by actresses Evanna Lynch and Daniella Monet.

And her talents also extend to acting. She starred in the film The Bra Mitzvah, has appeared in national television commercials, and performed stand-up comedy.

In this conversation, Jasmin discusses:

• The ‘thin privilege’ and acceptance she experienced when she lost weight (including getting a book deal for her memoir), and what happened when she regained weight

• How she’s arrived at self-acceptance of her body and how she manages negative self-talk

• How learning to love herself and become confident in herself has impacted her life, relationships, work and activism

• Her take on the beauty industry and what she and the team at Kinder Beauty are doing to be inclusive and encourage self-expression

• How she feels about the question of how to balance body positivity and size inclusivity with health concerns that are often raised around obesity

• How she handles infighting in social justice movements, especially on social media

• And more

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