016: Jacque Salomon On Losing Her Child & The Journey To Heal Herself & Marginalized Communities

In this episode of Conversations with Vegan Women Leaders, we interview Jacque Saloman, a spiritual life coach, Native American activist, and founder of the nonprofit Seeds to Inspire.

Seeds to Inspire supports underrepresented, underserved, under-financed, and marginalized communities in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area as well as surrounding reservations.

Jacque’s own profound healing journey has resulted in her shedding 164 lbs. Through a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle, meditation, yoga, and psycho-spiritual remediation, she reversed her chronic diseases including Type 2 Diabetes and hypertension.

She is devoted to restoring the health and well-being of individuals through radical self-care and self-love with an emphasis on revitalizing the health and creativity of BIPOC women.

Jacque’s life purpose is to facilitate collective trauma healing, raise Indigenous consciousness, and restore homeostasis on the planet through the Divine Feminine.

In this conversation, Jacque talks about:

• How the death of her child from a reaction to pharmaceuticals was the catalyst for her own healing journey

• What ‘radical’ self-care and self-love means and why it’s important

• Her mission to decolonize minds and re-indigenize the body and spirit through whole food plant-based nutrition

• Why spirituality is essential for social justice healing

• The role of anger and how to use it in a non-toxic way to heal

• How to work towards unity while still recognizing and acknowledging individual and collective trauma, especially in marginalized communities

• Her unique take on the Divine Feminine and why it’s so important

And more

Visit the Seeds to Inspire website 



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