015: Leila Dehghan On Being Forced To Quit Medicine Due To Health Issues And Embracing A New Identity

In this episode of Conversations with Vegan Women Leaders, we interview Dr Leila Dehghan, a medical doctor turned plant-based nutritionist.

The founder of Plant-Powered Qi Nutrition, Leila is passionate about food justice and health equity. She aims to find effective ways to address racial and socio-economic issues that affect health.

Vegan nutritionist Leila Dehghan leaning against a wallHer project “Food and Diversity” seeks to introduce a plant-based diet to people of the global majority (a term coined to refer to Black, Indigenous and people of color).

Leila is a member of the Advisory Board for the Plant-based Health Professionals UK, and has created the 21 Day Plant-based Health Challenge to encourage and invite more people to go plant-based.

In this conversation Leila discusses:

• Her experiences of growing up as a young girl in Iran

• Being made to feel like an outsider when she and her family moved to Austria

• How her perceptions about religion changed as she got older that led her to stop wearing the hijab

• The debilitating migraines that plagued her through childhood and medical school, leading her to be bedridden for most of her final year of study

• The loss of identity she felt when she quit her medical career due to these health issues that also included gastric problems and bulimia

• Why she became a nutritionist and the impact a whole food, plant-based diet has had on her health

• Her experiences of racism and discrimination and why she’s passionate about the Food and Diversity project

• And more

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