014: Ondine Sherman On Writing Her Way Through The Challenges Of Her Sons’ Rare Medical Condition To Love & Acceptance

In this episode of Conversations with Vegan Women Leaders, we interview Ondine Sherman, the co-founder and managing director of Voiceless: The animal Protection Institute in Australia.

SOndine Sherman, vegan author, headshothe’s the author of several books including the Animal Allies fictional series for young readers, and The Miracle of Love: A Mother’s Story of Grief, Hope and Acceptance, her memoir about her spiritual journey as she deals with her twin sons’ medical condition, which ultimately leads to acceptance, love, meaning and a new understanding of ‘miracles’.

Ondine’s latest non-fiction book is Vegan Living, a comprehensive and accessible ‘how to’ guide covering all aspects of veganism.

In this conversation, Ondine talks about:

• The influences her parents – father Brian, a mega successful businessman, and Gene, her creative, artistic mother – had on her growing up

• How she reacted when she first learned of her twin sons’ rare genetic condition that meant they may not ever be able to walk or talk properly

• What she went through in the ensuing years, searching for a cure

• How writing helped her through a spiritual journey to love and acceptance

• How she learned to ignore other people’s real or imagined opinions about her and her life

• How she’s handling her father living with Parkinson’s

• And more

Visit Ondine Sherman’s website for information on all her work and books
Check out the Voiceless website



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