013: Kathleen Gage On The Life-Changing Decision To Go Vegan In Her 60s

In this episode of Conversations with Vegan Women Leaders, we interview Kathleen Gage.

An expert in changing with the times, Kathleen, who’s owned her business consultancy Power Up for Profits for more than 26 years, is known as the “no-nonsense, common sense” marketing strategist, speaker, author, and visibility expert.

Kathleen Gage vegan marketer headshotAs a result of discovering the life-changing power of plant-based eating in her 60s, Kathleen has proactively shifted her focus to working with those who are open to the possibility of what plant-based eating can do for them and their bottom lines (both the one they sit on as well as revenue!)

Kathleen works with authors, consultants, speakers, manufacturers and small business owners who are ready to get their message out to market in a big way through books, speaking and podcasting on both sides of the mic.

She is the host of the Plant Based Eating for Health podcast, blog and the Facebook group.

Living in a rural community in central Oregon with her wife of 30 years and several rescue animals, Kathleen believes in shattering stereotypes and definitely not settling for the status quo.

To that end, she participated in her first full marathon at the age of 61, her first sprint triathlon at 64 and is now an avid runner who participates in races of varying distances.

She also enjoys working in her many gardens and playing a fierce game of cards.

In this conversation Kathleen talks about:

• How she turned her life around from being a blackout drunk and drug addict when she was young to become successful entrepreneur

• Meeting her wife of nearly 30 years and how they’ve grown as a couple

• How the local rural community reacts to lesbian vegans living in their midst

• What prompted her to start eating plant-based and becoming an ethical vegan in her 60s

• Why she started running and doing marathons in her 60s

• Why she believes it’s important to do something other than the status quo

• Why women often find it hard to be speak up and her tips to help vegan women leaders to share their voices

• And more

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