006: Finding Your Voice as a Female Leader in the Vegan & Animal Advocacy Movements – Panel at VegFestUK

This episode of Conversations with Vegan Women Leaders features one of two panel discussions hosted by the Vegan Women’s Leadership Network in August 2020 for VegFestUK’s Summerfest Online event.

We hear from some amazing women from across the globe from diverse professional backgrounds who discuss:

• Current challenges they face in regards to their advocacy and leadership work

• Their experiences as vegan women finding their voice and positioning in the movement

• Strategies they’ve used to amplify their message and raise the profile of either their organisation or themselves as leaders, experts or influencers

• Their advice for women and girls who are either in the vegan and animal advocacy space already or are coming into the space, to help them become leaders and find their voices

• What they do to shift themselves from those moments or bad days when it seems the world is going to hell in a handbasket and the suffering of non-human animals (and that of human animals) seems unbearable and relentless

• What they’d like to see more of happen in the vegan and animal advocacy spaces to elevate the voices of women and girls

• And more


ALOKPARNA SENGUPTA is the managing director of Humane Society International (India), a not for profit, animal protection organization. She has been in the animal protection sector for a decade including being part of several government, scientific and stakeholder committees to bring in animal-friendly policies in India.

KATHY DIVINE is a vegan author, publisher and disability rights advocate in Australia. She founded the Australian Vegans Journal and the Plant Powered Women’s Leadership Conference Series. Her latest book Golden Age Politics is about ethical leadership and the importance of vegans, especially women, to take up influential positions.

CLARE MANN is a vegan psychologist and communications trainer in Australia. Clare is the author of several books including Vystopia: The Anguish of Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World, based on a term she coined; and her latest Myths of Choice: Why People Won’t Change and What You Can Do About it.

CAROLINA GALVANI is the founder of Sinergia Animal in Brazil, an international animal protection organization working to end the worst practices of industrial animal agriculture, particularly in countries of the South including Southeast Asia and Latin America.

KATRINA FOX (HOST) is the founder of Vegan Women’s Leadership Network.


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