005: Cynthia King on recovery, community & running a vegan dance studio

In this episode of the Conversations with Vegan Women Leaders podcast, we interview Cynthia King, dancer, choreographer and teacher in New York.

Cynthia has been a professional dancer since 1978, having trained at the Boston Conservatory and The Ailey School.

Cynthia King holding her hair upShe began teaching and choreographing in 1986 and founded the Cynthia King Dance Studio nearly 20 years ago.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, the studio is renowned for its high quality dance education which includes ballet, modern, jazz, tap, b-boy, b-girl, hip hop and African dance – and vegan ethics.

Yes, CKDS is a vegan dance studio whose students are encouraged to embrace compassion to all beings through innovative choreography and performances. Cynthia also has her own range of vegan ballet slippers.

Cynthia is heavily involved in the community, participating in and hosting many local events. She is a dedicated animal activist who proudly supports nonprofit organizations including the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food, Farm Sanctuary, and Vegan Outreach.

In 2011 she was honored by an official proclamation from Council Members of the City of New York and recognized for effective leadership and services to her community.

Four years later she received the prestigious Boston Conservatory Distinguished Alumni Award and established the Cynthia King Humane Artist Scholarship, which is awarded to an incoming Boston Conservatory student who embodies compassionate and cruelty-free living.

In this conversation Cynthia talks about:

• What drew her to dance and what it’s taught her

• Her experiences of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction

• Why community is so important

• Why it’s important for the arts and dance to explore social issues

• What young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, gain from being part of her dance community

• How she balances creativity and the business of running a vegan dance studio

• And more

Visit the Cynthia King Dance Studio’s website
Check out Cynthia’s range of signature vegan ballet slippers
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